• Lynnwood is a town whose residents decided to reinvent it ten years ago.  At public meetings and on the internet, four thousand concepts were shared, and the result was a common vision focused on sustainability, vibrancy, and accountability in a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Sustainability is in the form of preservation of both natural and historic resources.  At Heritage Park restored buildings such as Alderwood Manor and a renovated streetcar are full-sized museum pieces dedicated to the preservation of the town’s agricultural legacy.  And the Interurban Trail, along the former Interurban Railway, harkens back to the transportation means of yesteryear.
  • Vibrancy is evident in the golf course, an award-winning Aquatics and Fitness Center, playing fields, trails, community gardens and the Lynndale Park and Amphitheater.  And the huge Alderwood Mall and the Lynnwood Convention Center anchor a commercial and entertainment district which is a gem in this region.
  • Accountability and the welcoming nature are reflected in the 40-page community guide found on the city website.  And when this town opens itself up during Shakespeare in the Park and Heritage Park Open Houses throughout the summer, you can’t help but feel the warm hospitality that is the hallmark of Lynnwood.