Tips for Home Buying

I have worked with a number of home buyers. Although each home buyer is unique there are things that can happen along the way that I have seen time and time again. Here are my tips for home buying!

Criteria is important and sometimes you have to be flexible – Rarely have I seen anyone get everything they wanted in a property at a price they were willing to pay. My advice? Keep an open mind when house-hunting and be realistic about what would be nice to have versus what would be an absolute deal-breaker for you.

Know Your Limits for Showing Success – Some home buyers can see 10 homes in a day. Some can only take in four. If you are someone who needs time to process, then let’s keep that in mind when scheduling showings. Depending on the market, we may be able to do some one day and some another.

Bring Your Essentials – Do you need to take your own photos or video to remind you of the spaces you see? Do you need a clipboard and paper for notes? Are you someone who needs protein every few hours? Water? Let’s talk about your Home Buying Essentials so we can set your viewing up for success.

Stick to Your Budget – If the lender has indicated the maximum you can spend is $500,000, then depending on the market, we may need to look at homes that are $470,000 (in the event we are searching during a sellers’ market with limited inventory). This is because multiple offers drive up the home price. Don’t get caught in a bidding war and blow your budget.

Keep Expenses in Mind – I don’t just mean your mortgage payment (principal and interest) but also taxes, insurance, utilities, homeowner association or condo dues (if applicable), and maintenance. I want you to make sure you are comfortable with your monthly payments.

“I cannot say enough about Rosita! She was instrumental in finding my dream home and negotiating the perfect deal for me. Through her excellent negotiation skills and knowledge of the process, she was able to think outside the box and get the deal closed. At one point she even rolled up her sleeves and helped the buyer load up the moving van. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their agent!”

– Kawabata J