Seller Services

Selling a home is a big process, but my goal is to make it as easy as possible. When you have a good REALTOR who knows the area, how to make your home appeal to buyers, and just how to position it in the market, you have a winning combination that will get your home SOLD!

Although each homeowner’s selling process is unique just as their house is unique, there are a few common steps I recommend we take from preparing your home to marketing. Here is a bit about what to expect and I look forward to creating your custom home preparation and marketing plan!

  • The Punch List – A punch list doesn’t sound like a fun way to start any list, but it is one of the most important things we can do to create the most interest for your home and therefore, bring in the most bucks. By taking care of deferred maintenance, sprucing up the paint and flooring, taming landscaping, and spotlessly cleaning the home, this sends a message to the buyers that your home is a great investment. But don’t think I am just going to give you a list and then come back when you are ready to put the sign in the yard. I treat your listing like a partnership and I come with a team of professionals to get the house ready – contractors, plumbers, roofers and more! In fact, you can check out my list of referred professionals here.
  • Prioritizing – Of course, you may have a timeline that you would prefer to sell in or a small budget for improvements. I will help you prioritize the projects that will provide you with the most impact for the least time or money.
  • Preliminary Title – This step makes sure your home is ready for you to sell. I can use my preferred Title and Escrow service which provides a discount on your order. My connections benefit you!
  • Staging Your Home – Staging is the art of giving your home broad appeal. I provide staging up to $1800 and another $200 towards landscaping which, in many cases, easily adds $5,000-$10,000 to the final home price.
  • Photography – Professional HD photography wows potential buyers. I don’t rely on anything less than professional photos!
  • Feature Cards – I point out the special features your home offers through cards that are placed throughout the home to draw attention to these added benefits.
  • House Flyer and Just Listed Cards – Print marketing is a strong component of what I offer. Not only do I use the high-impact home photography to make a stunning house flyer, I also market your home to the neighbors and move-up buyers.
  • Open Houses – When I do an open house, I don’t just show up and hope for buyers. I market to the neighbors and potential buyers, make sure it is advertised online, and have plenty of materials at the open house for potential buyers.
  • Online Marketing – Online marketing is a great way to spread the word about your listing! My relationship with RE/MAX assures that your listing is included on dozens and dozens of websites where buyers search for properties including Zillow, Redfin,, and more! In fact, I also belong to many local Facebook groups and post the listing there as well.
  • Your Top 10 – Why did you love living in your home? Was it the quick walk to the local coffee shop? Your dog running wild and free around your safe fenced backyard? Maybe you looked forward to your cherry tree blooming each spring. Whatever your reasons for loving your home, we include this information for potential buyers so they will fall in love with your home too!
  • Multiple Offers – If our market is a seller’s market and your home is ripe for multiple offers, I will help you sort through the offers and provide advice on not only the ones that are the best in terms of value, but are the best regarding how likely they are to close. I will work with you to explain exactly what we will be looking for in terms of the offers. The highest offer may not be the best offer!